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We received small quantities of brewing barley from the Genbank in Linz in 2009. These were increased in the following years. Together with the Bio Kompetenzzentrum Schlägl and our organic farmers, experimental fields were created. Here the variety Heines Haisa showed that it copes best with the climatic conditions and barren soils of the Mühlviertel.

In the case of experimental brews, it turned out that the taste of the beer could not be influenced enough by the use of an old country variety. It is therefore necessary to malt the barley in the same way as at that time and adjust as many parameters as possible to this time. So it was obvious to brew this beer in the historical brewhouse from 1929.

In order to meet the historical requirements for hops as well, we use the original organic hop variety Malling, which was cultivated again in the Mühlviertel in the post-war period.

The smell of this beer is reminiscent of fresh country cucumbers and on the palate the full body is held by a creamy buttery note. Thus this beer differs clearly from light March beers of the present and can confidently be described as liquid bread. The strawy barley character also comes into its own and now it's up to the beer drinkers to decide whether a beer tastes and develops as it did 70 years ago.
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Heines Altes Lager
From a handfull of grain to the purest beer.



0,33 l and 0,75 l bottles

5, 15, 30 and 50 l kegs

on request


Original gravity:  16,8° Plato

ABV: 7,2 Vol.%

Shelf life: 2 years


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