In 2014 we brewed our Honigbock (honey bock) with the much coveted chestnut honey from Tuscany. This unique honey not only provides this 2014 vintage beer with a rich, deep color, but also a powerful chestnut aroma.

Bienen auf Waben, Honigbier


0,33 l bottle

& 0,75 l bottle

kegs only on order

5, 15, 30 and 50 l kegs


Original gravitiy: 17,3° Plato

ABV: 8,3 Vol.%

Shelf life: 2 years

The color of our 2014 Hofstetten Honigbock quickly betrays the featured ingredient. Powerful notes of chestnut and honey combine with the fruity esters of the top fermenting yeast to make this an exceptionally dry beer that is welcomingly bitter and dangerously drinkable.


Honey beers have a long tradition at the Hofstetten Farmhouse Brewery. In 2008 we brewed our first Honigbock with honey from the Haslau Moors. Since that time, we have worked extremely closely with Hochland beekeeper, Peter Frühwirt, to ensure that we always find the perfect honey for our latest honey beer or honigbock editions.

With our 2014 Honigbock, we decided to use chestnut honey. In general, we had always liked chestnut beers, but we often found them to be too rich. The thinking was to use honey made from its blossoms instead of the chestnuts directly, thereby mitigating some of the richness.


As our local Mühlviertel is not exactly a hot spot for chestnut trees or its resulting honey, Peter Frühwirt got in contact with his beekeeping colleagues in Tuscany and sourced it for us directly.


Barrel Aged Honigbock

Get ready! We are currently working on a version of our Honigbock that has been aged in wooden barrels. At the moment, we can’t give away too many details, but we can say that even more honey will be added to the barrels in order to produce a more concentrated drinking experience.


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