Christmas comes early here at the Hofstetten Brewery. To ensure our golden Christmas Bock is aged to perfection by advent, we have to begin brewing it in July!

Thanks to the soft nature of the Mühlviertel water, this typically aggressive beer comes across unexpectedly smooth, even despite the 40% extra pilsner malt and 16° original gravity.


The beer’s malty body is accentuated by more than 7 different additions of our highest-quality Mühviertel hops. The first hops get tossed in with in the first wort, giving our Bock that fine bitter backing it needs. We then hop progressively during the boil with Magnum and Spalter Select, dropping in the final addition of Mühlviertel Aurora hops post-fermentation to ensure we don’t cook out all the amazing flowery citrusy aromas.


After that, we let the yeast work its magic for 100 days, ensuring as much flavor gets locked in as possible. By the time this bock is done fermenting, the first frost has set, and the season is almost right for drinking. In the final step, we carefully filter out the yeast, leaving you with a beautiful golden Bock to pour into your favorite Bockbier snifter.


In the nose, the clear malted barley notes hit you first. From there it opens up to reveal warming esters. On the palate, you’ll find just the right balance of fine prickling carbonation and malty creaminess, with a clear floral fruitiness to bring it home.


Awards:  1st place  – Salzburg Bierfestival 2009

                              Category – Bock




Our traditional Christmas Bock is the perfect combination

of malt body and robust hoppy bitterness.

The warm finish makes this classic style the perfect companion

for cold winter evenings.



0,33 l bottles


Original gravity:  16,5°  Plato

ABV: 7,4 Vol.%

Shelf life: 4 month


Where you find Hofstetten beer

Brauerei Hofstetten Krammer GmbH & Co KG

Adsdorf 5 A-4113 St. Martin / Mühlkreis

Tel 07232 / 2204 - 0

Fax 07232 / 2204 - 4

Language: Deutsch / English

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