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Every beer created at the Hofstetten Farmhouse Brewery is made with utmost care and conscious consideration for our natural resources.
Mühlviertel Organic beer

Golden lager made with 100 % organic raw materials!

ABV 5,1 % Vol.


Premium amber lager

ABV 5,5 % Vol.


an unfiltered delicacy from the depths of our fermentation chamber

ABV 5,3 % Vol.

Pale Ale freigestellt.png
Mühlviertler Organic
Pale Ale

a pale ale with 100% Mühlviertler resources

ABV 4,5 % Vol.

Hochland Organic Honey Beer

Brewed with honey from the local Hochland beekeepers

bio_honigbier - Kopie mit Reflexion.png

ABV 5,5 % Vol.


Easy-drinking with elegant hop aromas


ABV 5,2 % Vol.

Hofstettner Saphir

A beer with a strong body for exotic hop lovers.


ABV 6,5 % Vol.

Saphir freigestellt.png

Easy-drinking, malt-forward


ABV 4,7 % Vol.

Ganscha - 
hemp beer

With Purple Star hemp flowers of the king flower, hemp flour of the Farmgoodies

ABV 5,3 % Vol.

Ganscha freigestellt Spiegelung.png
Mística -
tea x beer

Austrian beer refined with a portuguese tea mixture

ABV 6,5 % Vol.


Beer caramelized with red hot

granite stones


ABV 7,3 % Vol.

Granit ICE Bock

Red hot granite stones meet Hofstetten winter frosts


ABV 11,5 % Vol.

Granit Eis Bock.png
Iced IPA

Dry-hopped ice bock

ABV 10,0 % Vol.

Heines Altes Lager

ABV 7,2% Vol.

Honigbock Coffee

Brewed with finest brasilian honey from the coffee blossom



ABV 7,5% Vol.

Honigbock Chestnut Vintage 2014

Fermented with Chestnuthoney from Tuscany.




ABV 12,4 % Vol.

Honigbock Lavender Calvados 2021

A combination of lavender honey and calvados apples


ABV 14,0 % Vol.


A hoppy golden treat, only available at Christmas

ABV 7,4 % Vol.

BIO Zwicklbock mit spiegelung.png

sold out!

Original Hochzeitsbier

A German lager, as it would have been brewed in 1810 for the first Oktoberfest

ABV 6,3 % Vol.

sold out!

Granitbock WILDBRETT

Sour beer aged in Raboso red wine barrels

ABV 7,3 % Vol.

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