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Granitbock Glas, Steinbier,

Our Values

Our business is not driven by profit margins, but the desire to produce high-quality beer. We strive every day to make sure this goal is upheld.

Familie Krammer, Bauerei Hofstetten, Caspar Krammer,


The Hofstetten Farmhouse Brewery was started in 1229. Since that time, generations of brewers have worked to perfect the craft of beer brewing. At Hofstetten, we believe that tradition is not about clinging to the ashes of the past, but about lighting the way for the future.

Granitbock Glas, Steinbier, Gedeck, Craftbeer,


If you would like to receive information about guided tours, please call our office on +43 7232 2204.

Guided tours are possible from Tuesday to Friday.

Brewery tours
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