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HOFSTETTEN Brewery – Since 1229

Biertank, Holzfässer, Hofstetten,
Brauerei Hofstetten, St. Martin, Hofstettner Bier,
St. Martin, Steyr, Hofstettner Bier, Historisch,
Eisschneiden, kühlen, Brauerei Hofstetten, Hofstettner Bier,
Hofstettner, Heinrich Krammer, Lagertank, Bier,


In 1229, Hofstetten was first officially mentioned!

Back then it was known as both the seat of the Pibersteiner dominion and a tavern along the historical salt road from the Danube to Bohemia, the Via Regia. At the time, it was common practice for taverns to brew their own beer (a job for the housewife in the kitchen), meaning this was the true beginning of our brewery.


In 1449, Urbar von Wallsee first mentioned a brewery in Hofstetten. This is the oldest record we have of a brewery at this location, and it is a date that has granted us a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the Oldest Brewery in Austria!


In 1847 the tavern/brewery was deeply indebted and unable to pay for the livestock a Bohemian animal trader named Kaspar Krammer had delivered. As a result, Kaspar gained title to the Hofstetten Brewery. From that point on the Hofstetten Brewery has been in the hands of the Krammer Family. Now in our fifth generation, we still proudly combine hops and malt daily to make the beautiful product of beer.


In 1998 Peter Krammer took over the brewery from his father, Franz. To make the brewery more efficient, we transferred our bottling production to the Schlägl facilities. We also expanded our storehouse sales capabilities to provide customers with the freshest beer possible.

1999: To bring beer enthusiasts even closer to their favorite product, we expanded our tour offering to show them first-hand how handcrafted beer is made. We also renovated our beer hall, which is now equipped to conduct professional tastings for up to 60 people.


2015 has been marked by the installation of our new mashhouse, which we desperately needed to unburden our old one from 1929!  Until installation is finished, we are unfortunately unable to offer brewery tours.

This construction period has also meant we have had to hold back a bit on developing new, experimental beers. We did, however, still manage to crank out a new version of our iced IPA, G’froren’s and a new edition of our Neuhausser Beer. Fortunately, our production continues to grow and we are proud to announce we put out 7,000 hectoliters in 2014.

Many thanks to all our faithful followers and beer drinkers!

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