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Organic Honey Beer


A beer made with honey from the local Hochland beekeeper.

Both dry and sweet, the complex character of this honey beer

is a true treat for the palate. To enjoy this beer at its best,

be sure to give it time to breathe.


This balanced and complex beer will surprise even the most experienced beer lover with its dry character and fruity aroma.


The combination of fresh Mühlviertel malts and golden Hochland honey come together to make this perfect straw-colored beer. The depth of the ingredients becomes clearer and clearer with every sip as the sweet honey notes caress the nose and mouth. Due to its complexity, be sure not to drink our Hochland Honey Beer too cold. Ideally, it is best enjoyed between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius (50-54 Fahrenheit).


Our Hochland Honey Beer is truly something special, and is therefore best enjoyed in a wide round-bottomed wine or Belgian beer glass. Similar to wine, this beer should be allowed time to breathe before consumed, as this will allow the honey notes to further develop. Unlike many other beers, this honey lager will only grow in complexity the longer it is in the glass. As we believe a beer of this caliber should only be made using the finest raw materials available, we brew it using only ORGANIC honey from the Hochland beekeepers of Falkenstein, ORGANIC malts and ORGANIC hops from the local Mühlviertel region.


Awards:  1st prize at the Salzburg Beer Festival 2010

                in the Creative Beer category




0,33 l bottles

kegs only on order

5, 15, 30 and 50 l kegs



Original gravity:  14,5° Plato

ABV: 6,2 Vol.%

Shelf life: 6 months

Honigbier bessere Auflösung .png

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