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By freezing an upper-fermented bock beer, a mighty, bright ice bock develops. This is then stuffed with hop and our legendary Iced IPA is created. This years version nr. 12 is made with australian Vic Secret hop. Its flowery smell reminds on pine, roses and pineapple.


After five weeks of lagering, this beer undergoes a freeze distillation process where the water is extracted. From there, the newly created ice bock is dry hopped, meaning it is combined with fresh hops in a lager tank and left for weeks to develop and absorb the wonderful hop aromas.

Previous versions:

  • Austrian Purple Mango Hemp

  • Australian Vic Secret 

  • New Zealand Nelson Sauvin

  • Mühlviertler Cascade

  • Mühlviertel Aurora (DH)

  • Mühlviertel Aurora (PE)

  • Mühlviertel Saphire (DH) 2012 (annual)

  • Mühlviertel Saphire (DH) 2013 (biennial)

  • Bavaria Mandarin (DH) Bavarian aroma hop

  • Relax

·       DH = Cone hops (“Doldenhopfen” in German)

        PE = Pellets


With hops, each processing method lends the hops specific characteristics. With cone hops more of the hop oils are extracted, making the beer more balanced and less intense.

With pellets, more hop resin is preserved, thus making them more robust and aggressive.

G'froren's - Iced IPA


The newest Version is brewed with Vic Secret hop

from Australia.



0,33 l Hand-filled bottle


Original gravity:  24,0°  Plato

ABV: 11,0 Vol.%

Shelf life: Mid 2026

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Gfrorens, Bierglas, Icebock, Bier,

Where you find Hofstettner beer

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