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Full-cone Magnum, Aurora, and Spalter Select hops from

the Mühlviertel infuse this beer with its spicy, dry, characteristically pilsner flavor.

The Hofstettner Pils: A pilsner for beer lovers. Through the exclusive use of full-cone Mühlviertel hops, we have created a soft, bitter, floral beer with a fine, prickling carbonation.


The combination of our local Mühlviertel water, perfectly-timed hop additions, cold fermentation, and classic lagering techniques makes this the perfect pilsner.


Triple hopped


The hop additions take place at various points during the boil using 3 different varieties. The Mühlviertel Magnum provides the bitter foundation, the Mühlviertel Aurora – with its large, sun-soaked cones – begins building the floral bouquet, and the Spalter Select – a relative of Saaz – provides an especially mild yet characteristic hop finish.

Our hops not only provide this beer with its pleasant bitterness, but they also contain a number of important compounds (such as polyphenols and flavanoide), which contribute to your health and well-being.

On this point, Prof. Donald Buhler of Oregon State University astutely said, “While drinking beer might not always cure what ails you, it can definitely help…”


1st Place at the Austrian-Beer-Challenge in the Category "Pils"


0,33 l and 0,5 l bottles

5, 15, 30 and 50 l kegs


Original gravity:  11,8° Plato

ABV: 5,2 Vol.%

Shelf life: 4 months

Where you find Hofstetten beer

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