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Mística - tea x beer

Austrian beer refined with olivetree leaves, wineleaves and pennyroyal mint from the Douro valley


In a unique collaboration, the Austrian brewery Hofstetten and the Portuguese tea company Infusões com História have come together to develop an exceptional beer.

This idea was born in Portugal from Miguel Morreira (Infusões com História) and Ademar Leite (BräuBarn). To bring this project to life, Ademar reached out to Peter Krammer (Hofstetten Brewery), who already distributes Hofstettner beer in Portugal. A year later, after various small-scale experiments and tea tastings the final version of our tea-infused beer was created.

This special beer combines Hofstetten's traditional brewing craftsmanship with Infusões com História's high-quality herbal teas and the beer knowledge of BräuBarn.
It is the result of meticulous ingredient selection and a shared desire to create something unique that appeals to both beer and tea lovers alike.

The extraordinary tea blend "Mistica" was used for this beer, which consists of olive tree leaves, grapevine leaves and pennyroyal mint. It was enhanced with elderflower leaves and lemon balm. 

In this creation, refreshing minty freshness, herbal bitterness and subtle fruitiness come together. Each sip reveals a refreshing minty note that invigorates the palate. This is followed by a harmonious interplay of herbal nuances that lend depth to the beer. Alongside, a delicate fruitiness tantalizes the taste buds, adding a subtle and enticing complexity to the brew.

Whether enjoyed as a refreshing companion to fish, poultry or vegetable dishes, or presented as a special highlight at social gatherings, this beer is a true delight for all senses. Best served in a bulbous glass, it unfolds its diverse aromas and shimmers a bright golden yellow.

Something completely new and far from the ordinary – immerse yourself in the world of flavours and let yourself be seduced by this unique beer that redefines the boundaries of taste.



0,33 l bottles


Original gravity:  14° Plato

ABV: 6,5 Vol.%

Shelf life: 18 months

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