Mühlviertler Pale Ale

We’ve gotta do a proper Pale Ale

with all Austrian ingredients! These are the wise words

of Brian Patton, Gypsy Brewer and

Founder of "Me and Uwe".


We first got wind of the idea from Austrian beer author,

the Biersepp, and we immediately wanted in!

Our native Mühlviertel is a natural cornucopia of hops and barley, meaning we’re spoilt for choice when it came to picking the best and freshest ingredients.

As a proper Mühlviertel beer, we wanted to make something for the proper Austrian palate, focusing on milder hop notes while still bringing through that pale ale fruitiness.

Initially only served at two locations (Brickmakers and Charlie P's) and only on tap, we quickly realized that Hop in the Name of Love was too popular to remain so limited. As of June 2017 Hop in the Name of Love has been available in 0.33 l bottles as well.

With an original gravity of 12.5° and a final ABV of 5.5%, we have created a truly impressive, citrusy beer displaying all the power and glory of our locally grown Mühlviertel Cascade hops.


A perfectly crushable beer for all occasions.



0,33 l bottles

Original gravity:  12,0°  Plato

ABV: 5,5 Vol.%

Shelf life: 4 months

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