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Ganscha - organic hemp beer

With Purple Star hemp flowers of the king flower, hemp flour of the Farmgoodies, brewed in the brewery Hofstetten according to the idea of Karl Schiffner.

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The incentive to brew a hemp beer was the scent of Christian Berlinger's hemp flowers (Königsblüte). Beer sommelier Karl Schiffner and brewmaster Peter Krammer were so enthusiastic that they decided to brew another hemp beer only if exactly this fine aroma could be brought into the beer.

The brewers in Hofstetten developed the recipe and started with the first trials in the boiling pot. To give the beer more character, they used hemp flour from Farmgoodies in addition to Purple Star CBD flowers from Ulrichsberg.

Satisfied with the result, Karl Schiffner describes the beer: "Bright light yellow with a mysterious veil and feather-light foam. The aroma shows a delicate floral note with a ripe, Mediterranean spice tone. A very refreshing initial drink presents the hemp flowers very clearly. The balance of the beer body is captivating with a nutty malt character and graceful hop backbone. In the finish, the hemp blossoms show their full potential."

Ganscha describes this new creation admirably, says Christian Berlinger, as ganja is a synonym for the plant derived from Indian Sanskrit. Since our hemp beer comes 100% from the Mühlviertel region, the name should do justice to the Mühlviertel region, and so the label now reads "Ganscha".

Since this is also a term among songwriters worldwide, the beer was aptly presented at the concert of Hans Söllner in the Granit Arena.


Falstaff Beer TROPHY 2022 category "Creative Beer" 2nd place with 94 points.

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0,33 l bottles


Original gravity:  11,8° Plato

ABV: 5,3 Vol.%

Shelf life: 6 months

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