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Making a beer using only raw ingredients from the Mühlviertel has been a vision our owner, Peter Krammer, has been working on since 2008. Unfortunately, beer-quality barley had all but disappeared from the Mühlviertel farming landscape in recent years. In 2010, the farmers of Hofstetten took matters into their own hands and began planting their own organic barley.

In order to secure the necessary amounts for production, four farmers work year-round, even through the winter, to produce high-quality barley for this beer. Of course, the organic hops come directly from our prized hop-growing region in Mühlviertel, as well.

Despite the quality of any other ingredient, beer can only be as good as the water that goes into it. This is why we work hard to maintain a 500,000 sq ft water preserve from which all our water is sourced.


power – full - pure


We are dedicated to using only the best ingredients in our beer, but this alone does not guarantee it will taste good. This takes time, experience, and care. For example, we let our Mühlviertel Organic Beer lager for a full five weeks before filtering it. The result: A beer the color of barley in late summer with a powerful hop aroma. In order to ensure all these amazing ingredients remain as pure as possible, we leave this beer unpasteurized.


91/100 Points at the Falstaff BEER TROPHY 2021

Culinarix 2014
Innovation category





A golden lager made with 100% organic ingredients from our local region, the Mühlviertel! Thanks to our organic farmers, we were able to source both our hops and barley locally from the Mühlviertel!


0,5 l bottles

5, 15, 30 und 50 l kegs


Original gravity:  11,8° Plato

ABV: 5,1 Vol.%

Shelf life: 4 months

Where you find Hofstetten beer

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