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Premium amber lager

Water filtered through layers of Mühlviertel granite, pilsner and caramel malts, and local Mühlviertel hops lend this beer its uniquely robust flavor.


Granitbier, Steinbruch, Granit

“When the working day is done, it’s time to have a little fun. A lot to eat and more for thirst. Roasted pork and fresh bratwurst. A few more beers now, casually. The stone masons’ life is the life for me.” So goes an old song of the stone masons."

Stone masons have a long tradition here in the Mühlviertel region, and therefore much homage has been paid to them. Along with the construction of a “granite nature trail,” we at Hofstetten have also brewed a granite beer. The result is a beverage worthy of the stone masons: robust and dark.

A shimmering dark amber in color, our Hofstettner Granitbier is too tempting to resist. On the first sip, light caramel notes unfold from the perfect combination of deep brown roasted malts and sweet light malts. Though more of a background player here, the fresh hops provide a wonderfully light floral finish. 

The name Granitbier is indicative of the Mühlviertel’s geological history. The local granite works as a natural filter for our water sources, lending a unique character to our beer not found anywhere else in the world.



1st Place at the Austrian-Beer-Challenge in the Category "Vienna Lager"

96 points in the FALSTAFF – MAGAZIN
March 2014 issue – craft beer category



0,33 l and 2 l bottles

5, 15 and 30 l kegs


Original gravity:  12,8°  Plato

ABV: 5,5 Vol.%

Shelf life: 4 Monate

Granitbier, Granit, Bier,
Granitbier, Granit, Bierglas, Bier

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