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Our brewery’s values

Peter Krammer, Franz Krammer, Familie Krammer, Fam. Krammer,

Family tradition

The Hofstetten Brewery has been in family hands since 1229, and we have passed on our passion for beer from generation to generation. At Hofstetten, we believe that tradition is not about clinging to the ashes of the past, but about lighting the way for the future.

Peter Krammer, Granitbock, Gärung, Gärbottich, Bier

Quality standards

The passion and meticulousness with which we brew sets our beer apart from the watered down lagers of industrial brewers.


As a traditional brewery, we adhere to the highest standards of hygiene throughout the brewing process to ensure our beer remains pure and fresh without the use of adjuncts or preservatives.

Hofstettner Bier, Craftbier, Craftbeer, Biere, Hofstettner


Here at Hofstetten, we brew over 15 different beers.

Our own Peter Krammer continues to create innovative beers that not only enrich our local range, but the beer landscape as a whole.


Regional raw ingredients

The hills of the Mühlviertel provide us with everything we need to brew good beer. For this reason, we source ALL of our raw ingredients directly from the region. In doing so, we can create both a safe environment for the future and one-of-a-kind beers.

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