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Behind the dry-hopping and new name lurks the ever-beloved Hofstetten Christmas Bock.

Along with the heathy additions of Magnum, Aurora, and Select in the boil, this bock was also dry-hopped in our lager keller. This means we stuffed as many full-cone hops – fresh from the fields – as we could into a lager tank and filled the rest of the space with our bock beer. The beer was then left to mature for two months before it was once again enriched with hop oils.

To preserve all the wonderful flavors developed during the process, this beer goes directly into bottles without filtration.


Light-golden in color with a mild cloudiness, our Saphir-Bock shimmers tantalizingly in the glass. The floral hop aromas harmonize perfectly with the warm ester notes. When taken to the nose, you may make out hints of mandarin, lychee, and ripe pears. On the tongue, you'll immediately be struck by the full-bodiedness. As it moves back across the palate, the hop notes open up, revealing themselves in all their glory in the finish. The pleasant fruity-bitterness travels up the throat, across the palate, and into the nose, where it is greeted, once again, by the sweet ester notes of the yeast.


This constant play between full-bodied maltiness and floral hoppiness ensures an unforgettable drinking experience.



We dry-hopped this beer with full-cone saphire hops

from the Mühlviertel to produce the fine, clean hop aromas

of mild tropical fruits you’ll find in the glass.


0,5 l bottles


Original gravity:  16,5°  Plato

ABV: 7,4 Vol.%

Shelf life: 12 months


Where you find Hofstettner beer

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