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A combination of lavender honey from Provence and Calvados apples from Normandy.


Our 2018 honey bock has been stored for 7 months in an oak-calvados barrel from the Pays d’Auge. This combines the sweet honey note with the typical sour taste of the Calvados apples and a warming finish. In the nose the clear apple scent is unmistakable and is gently accompanied by harmonious cherry notes.

Enjoyed in a large glass, this dark-gold beer takes you on a short journey through France, where you can see the bees swarming around the lavender and internalize the scent of a freshly picked apple.

Perfectly suited as an aperitif, we recommend this creation to desserts.

Available only from us at the brewery shop in 0. 33 L bottle.

ROB8210.png 2014-11-3-9:52:15


0,33 l bottle one-way

Original gravitiy: 25,0° Plato

ABV: 14,0 Vol.%

Shelf life: End 2027

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