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Fermented with chestnut honey from Tuscany and matured in whiskey barrels.

Bienen auf Waben, Honigbier

Thougt to be sold out, we let a vintage edition of our legendary chestnut honey bock mature over several years in the cellar of our brewery.

The result is absolutely worth a try. Chestnut colored, sherry tones in the nose and a true firework of well developed and sweet honey notes.

The Background:

Honey beers have a long tradition in the Hofstetten Farmhouse Brewery. In 2008 the first honey bock with moor honey from the Haslauer Moor was brewed. The cooperation with the Hochland beekeepers plays a very important role here. They supply us with unusual varieties of honey. Since there was not enough chestnut honey in the Mühlviertel, Mr. Früwirth from the Hochland beekeepers organised it from a collegue from Tuscany.

Honey Bock Chestnut 2014 barrel aged:

In this version even more chestnut honey was added in the oak barrel to concentrate the flavors. Since the yeast could not digest all the sugar even after three years of aging, this beer awaits with an intense sweetness.

A beer that Peter Krammer likes very much as a sweet wine lover and represents an unusual alternative to the wines.



0,33 l bottle one-way

Original gravitiy: 29,0° Plato

ABV: 12,8 Vol.%

Shelf life: End 2027

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