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This beer was aged in extensively restored Calvados barrels. Through the addition of residual honey wine from our Hochland beekeepers, we were able to incorporate souring bacteria into the fermentation process.


After a year of barrel aging, the beer was bottled directly from the barrels without any further priming. The intentionally low levels of carbonation preserve the subtle harmony between the intense wood notes and the bitter, sour, linden blossoms.


The final product, which has become extremely dry through a long aging process, may initially seem closer to wine than beer. It sets itself apart, however, through its lean malt body.




Our 2012 Vintage Honigbock (Honey Bock) aged in Calvados barrels. The addition of sediment from a honey wine tank makes this an extremely dry sour beer. 


0,75 l bottles



Original gravity:  19,4°  Plato

ABV: 10,4 Vol.%

Shelf life: December 2025

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