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Our 2012 Vintage Honigbock was aged over the course of several months in Raboso red wine barrels to create this amazing sour beer.


0,75 l bottles



Original gravity:  19,4°  Plato

ABV: 10,4 Vol.%

Shelf life: December 2025

The second sour beer in the Hofstetten Brewery lineup, inspired by our US importer, Matthias Neidhart

of B. United. Similar to our “Granitbock Wildbrett,” we used Raboso red wine barrels from the Sandre Vini Vineyard in Italy.


This time, we filled the barrels with our 2012 Vintage Honigbock (made with linden blossom honey) and left it to age over the period of several months, allowing the barrel’s naturally occurring bacteria, especially the wild brettanomyces yeast, to take hold. Like in red wines, you can pick out the presence of “wild bretts,” as they are often called, by their characteristic barnyard notes.

Along with the brett yeasts, lactic bacteria has also found a home in this beer to create a dry beer with the fragrance of linden blossoms.


In the first sip, one immediately notices the light sour aromas, which open up to reveal fruity linden blossom notes on the palate. The beer finishes with a pleasant, creamy bitterness and a soft dryness.



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