With this beer you will experience an event of the century. The 1. Sud is the first beer brewed in the new brewhouse.

In Hofstetten this was last done by Heinrich Krammer in

1929. In 2015 Peter Krammer built a new brewhouse and

for this festive occasion a light, well-hopped  strong beer 

was produced as the 1st brew. In order to preserve some of

this brew for posterity, it was frozen out into a strong 

Eisbock, and then hopped with Mühlviertler Aurora and Bavarian Mandarina hop.

Limited to just 3.000 bottles this special beer is a true collector's piece.

Another 800 litres are currently in our brewhouse-cellar and are going to be frozen out. When this speciality will

be ready is still uncertain.

1. Sud G'froren's


Beer from the first Sud from 2015 out of our Braukon Sud House. Bright, well hopped, iced, hop stuffed - a beer for eternity.






0,33 l Hand-filled bottle


Original gravity:  26,0°  Plato

ABV: 10,5 Vol.%

Shelf life: End 2021

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