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Organic pumpkin

Enjoy the round peppery pumpkin flavors

we managed to get into this beer. Brewed

with organic hops, barley, and pumpkin juice,

this is the perfect way to ring in the fall.


Sold out!


Look for our Organic Pumpkin Beer again in September 2016


This beer holds a special place here at Hofstetten, as it was the first in our experimental series of beers. Since we first brewed it in 2001, it has been a staple of our fall lineup.


Remade to be 100% organic in 2014!


Through a cooperative effort with Achleitner Organic Farms in 2013, we were finally able to source the Mühlviertel barley and other organic ingredients needed to make this beer 100% organic for the first time. Our brewer’s avid involvement in the craft beer scene also inspired him to change up the recipe, brewing it with a more robust ale yeast. The true soul of this beer lies within the three different organic squash varieties (muscat, butternut, and sweet dumpling), which were hand-selected by Günther Achleitner himself. The juice we extracted from the fresh pulp was then added to the mash and fermented.


The beer glows with the golden color of fall, releasing bold fruity aromas that open up to a creamy body and peppery pumpkin on the palate. It is the perfect beer for any fall meal, especially squash dishes or wild game.

For the Hofstetten locals, our partnership with Achleitner Organic Farms provides an added bonus: Our Organic Pumpkin Beer gets delivered straight to your house as part of their organic fruits-and-veg box! Of course, it is also available at our brewery’s bottle shop and in other select stores. Also check online at


0,33 l bottles


Original gravity:  12,0° Plato

ABV: 5,0 Vol.%

Shelf life: 6 months


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