Summertime is Pale Ale time!


100 % Mühlviertler organic raw materials ensure the right fizz on hot summer days

Now available in 5 l cans and in 0,33 l longneck bottles!

seit 1229

Bottle clip 

Never again wasps in your delicious beer.

With our beer clip!
It protects your drink from insects as the beer clip opens automatically when you drink and closes when you put the bottle down.


Brewing, tradition and pure belief from the heart of the Mühlviertel results in a unique beer from the brewery Hofstetten!

Hofstetten, Hofstetter, Hofstettner, Landbrauhaus, Bier, Craftbeer, Bier, Glas
Granit Bock


The secret behind an in- credible beer.

Using white hot caramel- izing stones, the Hofstetten Farmhouse Brewery has created an incredible example of what craft beer can be.

Brauerei Hofstetten Krammer GmbH & Co KG

Adsdorf 5 A-4113 St. Martin / Mühlkreis

Tel 07232 / 2204 - 0

Fax 07232 / 2204 - 4

Language: Deutsch / English

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