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The jury of Gault& Millau awarded our legendary Granitbock as Beer of the Year 2021.

It is caramelized using red hot granite stones, before fermenting in 120-year-old stone vats. Robust malt aromas of caramel and dark chocolate abound.

Brewed with fire & ice

A mighty ice bock which has its origin in our legendary Granitbock. First it gets caramellized with glowing hot granite stones, then fermented in 120-years-old stone vats and ultimately frozen out in a special freezing tank.

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A beer made just as it would have been for the very first Okoberfest in Munich in 1810 when Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony celebrated their marriage.

Perfectly matching we also have the "Brauerstutzen"-Glass and our brand new Hofstettner clay-jug.

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