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First, we blended our Granit-, Honig-, and Sündenbocks along with a small portion of our legendary Barley Wine 2010. Then, during secondary fermentation, we aged it for over 18 months in Raboso red wine barrels from Sandre Vini, Italy.


The robust malt body and pronounced roasted notes perfectly balance the beer’s sour character. The pleasantly creamy finish of the Cuvée No 1 can be attributed to the Granitbock – Wildbrett and Sündenbock present in primary fermentation.


After many, many months, our experiment paid off! In fact, we liked it so much, we decided to share it with our sour beer fans!

Cuvée No. 1


The Hofstetten brewers’ first venture into the world of Cuvée creations: Four different high-gravity beers maturing together in Raboso red wine barrels make up this sour cuvée.


0,75 l bottles


Original gravity:  19,0°  Plato

ABV: 9,3 Vol.%

Shelf life: December 2025

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